1 Billion people across the globe are illiterate.

Currently in the UK fifteen percent of adults can understand straight forward texts on familiar subjects accurately and independently and obtain information from every day sources , but reading information from unfamiliar sources or on unfamiliar topics can cause problems. Most of these adults are often reluctant to admit to these problems and therefore do not ask for the help they so critically need.

As we move forward into an age driven by technology many assume that “computers will just do everything for us” but as the technology evolves so does our vocabulary and the expectations of adults in jobs that did not previously rely on knowledge of computing languages.

Illiteracy is not just a hinderance preventing us from being able to write eloquent letters or understand classic literature. What about not being able to read the information correctly at the train station? The nutrition information on food you and your family are consuming? Important medical information on prescribed pharmaceuticals?

Initiatives like Project Literacy are “Rewriting books to rewrite lives” taking adults who prior to meeting with them have little or no literacy and after studying with the group are encouraged to pen their own unique versions of previously novelised stories.  Across the UK several more projects such as Read Easy and English My Way are dedicated to one on one tutor support for adults who are not confident with their literacy and have had trouble asking for help by providing them with free education resources.


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