Finding secure shelter in 2018 should be a realistic expectation for all, yet homelessness is on the rise in the UK.

Homelessness isn’t as straightforward as the people who you may see sleeping rough on the streets,

Homelessness is also intrinsically linked to substance abuse, but again, that isn’t so straightforward. Data appears to suggest that 2/3 have substance dependency issues, however a more significant driver of homelessness may be the breakdown of a relationship, not just through leaving a partner, but relationships with other family members, including parents or guardians.

Organisations like Shelter focus on helping homeless people in myriad ways. They state that homelessness is far bigger than just those who reach the streets. You are homeless if your monthly outgoings exceed your incomings, if you feel threatened or at risk in your home, or if you are forced out of your home due to repossession or eviction. In most cases, alternative accommodation is provided by the increasingly stretched public services, who do a brilliant job, but it is clear that we all must do more to ensure that a life on the streets does not become a reality for people who are at risk.





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